Tramme (pronounced traMAY).

    Tramme is an underlay of colored yarn that is long-stitched by hand over the small horizontal meshes on double-thread canvas using 100% wool tapestry yarn. In this case, yarn, instead of paint, is used to indicate the pattern. Because the palette of yarn colors used numbers over 2,000, incredibly life-like and realistic results are achieved, but the mesh size remains at 10 per inch.

    To help you understand tramme, the close-up photograph (Fig. 1) to the left shows a section of unfinished tramme. The photo underneath (Fig. 2) is the same section, but has been stitched. The kit comes with the same yarn as is used for the long stitches and all you do is match the yarn in the kit to the yarn on the canvas and do the needlepoint half cross stitch. For added realism, some patterns have petit-point details, but those have already been stitched.
Before starting on a tapestry, we suggest you fix the canvas onto a tapestry frame. This will probably give you the best finished result, although some customers prefer to work their tapestry while holding it in their hands.
    Each Woolpack is tied off by Section. Match the shades in the Woolpack against the colors in the different parts of the trammed design, which is more easily done in daylight than artificial lighting. You will then know where each shade is to go before you start stitching and you will find the Woolpack contains sufficient wool in all the shades needed.
Choose a strand of wool and start stitching from right to left over the tramming of the same color, as in the sketch on the right. If another row in the same color is required on the next line, stitch in the reverse direction as shown. (You can start stitching from left to right if this is more comfortable).

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